Football performance - SELECT II


By me and Joakim Kruse Lykke

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A part of the exhibition Kunst på Plænen (Golden Goal). A collaboration between the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Skjold Contemporary, and Copenhagen Contemporary.


Joakim Kruse Lykke

Niels Østergaard Munk

Siska Katrine Jørgensen

Andreas Bardenfleth Hatt

Frida Rolskov Pedersen

Søren Majlund Jensen

Selma Rolskov Pedersen

Peter Højlund Palluth


Footballperformance 1a
Exercise 1a (from the manus)
Footballperformance 1b
Exercise 1b. Hitting the ball at the the same time in the center of the pitch.
Footballperformance 2
Exercise 2. Running to an already planed tackle.
Footballperformance 2 exercise 3
Exercise 3. Waiting for shooting.
Footballperformance 2 exercise 3 second
Exercise 3. Celebration.
Footballperformance 2 exercise 4
Exercise 4. Free throw in the middle. Zig-zag at the sides.
Footballperformance 2 exercise 4
Ending. Meeting in the middle.
Footballperformance 2 exercise 4
Ending. Walkout.


Footballperformance manus
A picture from the first exercise in the manus.

Download full manus here